“Cardiac Cycle”

No one can deny that love in our time is in a critical condition. Or maybe it is not strong enough to protect us from our dark inner side, or whatever that has been vanishing from our souls. These are times in which Humans want to harm one another with darkness that has been accumulating in our hearts. Ambition and wealth has made us indifferent to human beings.
Human’s souls are created to give love and beloved. It is our true selves and supreme expression of our identity. If you give love, you will also receive it in some shape or form. It is like blood flow in the human body gives life; prolong the life of the universe.
“Cardiac Cycles” to the beginning of a series of events known as the heart contracts to the beginning of the next contraction occurs. In this series I have tried to show the lack of Love in contemporary life. Persian letters refer to the verbal communication emotionally charged and Heart is a symbol of origin and destination of Love, as with every beat, pumping blood to all parts of the body and sustain life. If a breakdown occurs in any part of this sequence, the blood (Love) comes out of its path, and it is driven out.