Farnaz Rabieijah
farnaz rabieijah

Farnaz Rabieijah

1981 Tehran – Iran

Member of the Association of Iranian Sculptors

Education and Awards

2018 Art resident at Cite International Des Arts, July & August / Paris, France

2015 Magic of Persia Capital Prize Shortlisted / Dubai, Emirates

2012 Winner of the “Best Guest” Prize of British Art Medal Society(The medal is kept in Coins and Medals section of The British Museum)

2007 Plant Biology (M.S.) / Tehran, Iran

2003 Biology (B.S.) / Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 “The Spinning Plate” Prints and Installation Exhibition in a dual show titled “The Impact of Tangency”, The MINE Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2015 “Cardiac Cycle” Sculpture Exhibition, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 “Iran” Sculpture Exhibition, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:


“German & Iranian Group Exhibition”, Landsberg am Lech, Germany

“Don’t be afraid…” Group Exhibition, Bayreuth, Germany


“Multiplicity #1”, Dastan outside (V-Gallery), Tehran, Iran

“Preoccupations” Group Exhibition, Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran


“RTL: LTR / LTR: RTL”, A joint exhibition between Iran and Austria, Artmark Gallery, Vienna & Galerie Forum, Wels, Austria / Contemporary Museum of Art, Isfahan, Iran

“Khayyam & Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran


“Fabulous”, Group Exhibition curated by Jasmine Wahi, Shirin NY Art Gallery, New York, USA

“Magic of Persia Capital Prize 2015”, Shortlist Exhibition, Dubai, UAE


“Black Gold”, Group Exhibition, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran


“Calligraphy Group Exhibition”, Nicholas Flamel Gallery, Paris, France

“My Name is not Rouge”, Group Exhibition, Shirin Gallery NY, New York, USA

“Unexposed”, Group Exhibition, Brussels, Athens, Warsaw

“Scope”, Art Basel, Switzerland


“Group Medal Exhibition (BAMS medal society)”, Glasgow, England

“Group Sculpture Exhibition by “Varagh” Group”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran


“The 3rd Generation & Parviz Tanavoli”, Sculpture Group Exhibition, Fravahr Gallery, Tehran, Iran


“Sculpture Exhibition by “Varagh” Group”, Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

“The 1st “Medal”, Group Exhibition, Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran


“Sculpture Exhibition by “Varagh”, Group”, Art Center Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Art Fairs, Biennials & Auctions:


“The 8th Tehran Art Auction”, Tehran, Iran


“Contemporary Istanbul”, Art fair, Istanbul, Turkey

“Code” Art fair, Copenhagen, Denmark

“17th Symposium – eu-art-network”, Osslip, Austria


“Abu Dhabi”, Art fair/ Abu Dhabi, UAE


“Contemporary Istanbul”, Art fair, Istanbul, Turkey

“The 4th Tehran Art Auction”, Tehran, Iran


“Context”, Art Miami, Miami, Florida, USA

“The 3rd Tehran Art Auction”, Azadi Hotel, Tehran, Iran

“ART14”, Art Fair, London, England

“Scope”, Miami Art Fair, Miami, Florida, USA


“Vienna Art Fair”, Vienna, Austria

“Online Auction”, London auction room, London, England

“Popli Khalatbari”, Charitable Foundation Auction, 15th Annual Fundraising Event, London, England

“ART13”, Art Fair, London, England


“Scope”, Miami Art Fair, Miami, Florida, USA

“Opera Gallery Auction”, Opera Gallery, Dubai, UAE

“Vienna Art Fair”, Vienna, Austria

“Auction of Magic of Persia”, Salsali Private Museum, Dubai, UAE


“The 6th Iranian Contemporary Sculpture”, Biennial Niavaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

“The 10th Iranian contemporary Ceramics”, Biennial, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran

“The 2nd Sculpture Expo”, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran


“The 1st Sculpture Expo, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran

“The 1st Outdoor Biennial”, Barg Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran


“The 5th Iranian Contemporary Sculpture Biennial”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran


“The 8th Iranian Contemporary Ceramics and Vitreous Biennial”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran