Farnaz Rabieijah



Cardiac cycle


No Man's Land


Where I End and You Begin


Human ideas can be imposed or be exploited by others. These ideas can be derived from superstition or come in to force on the basis of a predetermined plan.

This collection is based on the social thoughts and beliefs which sometimes lead people into prison or death. Words which have been transformed in to scream and sometimes have never been told!

Iranian culture has undergone plenty of revolutions due to widespread attacks in the history of Iran which leads to a variety of cultural influences and cause gradual evolution in etiquettes and tradition of the society. The beliefs of different people which rise from religious, secular, political and social viewpoints demonstrate different exterior aspects; depict the general form of a society and ultimately the whole country.Letters which are mostly used in my artworks symbolize these ideas that sometimes together make an object and sometimes want to show a state of a condition.